Puffin Portrait

Puffin Portrait

Sue Kerrigan-Harris
18 Pastels & Pencils
2.1 hours
Follow along with Guest Instructor, Sue Kerrigan-Harris, as she takes you through using Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils to create this beautiful Puffin portrait.
Pastels & Pencils needed:
Carbothello Pastel Pencils
100 Titanium White
105 Ivory
681 Light Flesh Tint
435 Ultramarine Blue Light
760 lamp black
724 Cold Grey 3
405 Ultramarine Blue
770 Payne's Grey
215 Indian Yellow
680 Dark Flesh Tint
305 Vermillion Red Tone
Jaxell Soft Pastels (From the 72 Set)
Dark Grey
Light Turquoise
Darl Turquoise
Paper needed:
Dark Grey PastelMat Paper
Other Materials:
Graphite paper (to transfer image)
Tortillon blender
Masking tape
Knife & sandpaper or sharpener
Dust blower (not essential)
Kneadable putty rubber

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Meet Your Instructor

Sue Kerrigan-Harris

My name is Sue Kerrigan-Harris. I’m a Professional Portrait Artist from Hampshire UK. I live near the beautiful New Forest where I’m inspired by the constant source of scenery and animals. I specialise in painting pet portraits, people portraits and horse portraits. I have been a professional artist since 2015 but an artist my whole life. Aside from learning and teaching myself how to draw and paint I consider myself to be a privately trained artist seeking out top art tutors and artists across the country to learn the skills I needed to become the artist that I am today.

“Art makes my heart smile and my soul sing with joy!”

There is something that I find both deeply fascinating and satisfying about creating a likeness in a pet portrait of a dog or cat or a portrait of a person. The eyes are the window to the soul and I reach out to the soul of the subject to find a connection when I’m painting pet portraits and people.